Samsung Gear 360 (2017) UE4

My interactive visualization of the #Samsung #Gear 360 (2017) is complete:

The primary objective that I gave myself was to supply a similar amount of information about the product as one would find on Samsung’s actual site ( ), all while proving an interactive backdrop that featured the product itself. Despite the intent for interactivity, it can actually be left to run as wallpaper of sorts – as the graphics and camera will continue to loop on their own without user input if desired.

Similar to my #Chevrolet #Volt interaction ( ), the user has full control over the camera orbit and zoom; if left alone, it will auto-rotate. Some of the button and relevant surfaces on the product are functional; themselves animating and toggling certain graphics and the sort when pressed. For instance, the power button is used to close the experience when pressed. The microSD card tray can be opened, revealing the microSD memory card within.

I ended up back in #UnrealEngine after beginning two similar versions of this experience, one for #Unity and one for #Autodesk #Stingray. As they stand now, the version built within Stingray is the least complete but offers a similar visual fidelity. The Unity iteration is not too far off visually, but I was able to put more into the interactivity relative to Stingray. In the end, Unreal Engine gave me the best bits of either of the two of them (this was built with 4.16.2).

Despite the small footprint of the product itself, I am quite please with how this one turned out. There still exists some functionality that I can see myself adding to it in a later revision, as well as perhaps making it live so that others can fiddle with the actual experience themselves.

The final rundown of workflow and software involved:

Solid modeled (NURBS) and tessellated using Moi3D 3.0

Surface validation and final data-prep (materialization, organization) using #Foundry #MODO 701 and #Autodesk #Maya 2017

Graphics and other UI elements generated in #Affinity #Photo and #Foundry #NUKE 10

Real-time experience developed (lighting, materials, animation, interaction, logic) using #EpicGames #UnrealEngine 4.16.2

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