20XX Faraday Future FF 91 Rear Seat [Disconnect]




It is the weekend, which means it is also project time.


20XX Faraday Future FF 91 Rear Seat

Modeling progress has been relatively slow-going; finding sufficient reference images for this seat has taken quite some time and has yielding few results, but I am making do well enough (there will certainly be inaccuracies however).

Aside from being an interesting seat, I thought their interactive graphic (https://www.ff.com/en/ff-91/disconnect/) was interesting as well. The motivation for the moment is to recreate the general idea of this info-graphic, but for real-time (Unreal or Unity, not sure which I will use this time). I have been wanting to do something with particle sims recently so this subject should suffice.

We will see where whim takes it.

UPDATE [May 21 2017]

20XX_FaradayFuture_FF91_RearSeat_modelProgress02Some more progress with the model – nearly complete now. I still have some details to add to the base of the seat but the major forms are done; adding the stitching will be the final bit of modeling. Next will be UVs and rigging up everything prior to animating the recline. I will likely migrate over to Maya (from MODO) to do the rigging stage onward – I want to take advantage of writing out the final mesh and its animation as Alembic (.ABC rather than .FBX) when I bring it into Unreal.


UPDATE [May 23 2017]

<p><a href=”https://vimeo.com/218719008″>20XX Faraday Future FF 91 Rear Seat [Disconnect] – Look Development 01</a> from <a href=”https://vimeo.com/cgbloke”>Winston Patrick Brathwaite</a> on <a href=”https://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

At this point the UI animation (the recline graph and text) is just about complete. For the graph, I built and animated the curves in Maya, the text in NUKE, rendered them in Arnold (Maya 2017) and re-animated the graphic back in NUKE. The animation was exported as a .PNG sequence (with alphas) and brought into Unreal as a “flipbook” animation, which will be called, played, rewound at run-time. The general logic has been built — the model however is still somewhat incomplete. I ended up deviating further and stayed in Unreal to prototype the particle effect and do some look development before the idea left my head. This short video shows the current result of some of that look-dev.

UPDATE [May 29 2017]

My Unreal Engine-based reproduction of the 20XX #FaradayFuture #FF91 Rear Seat [Disconnect] info-graphic is complete:

What began as simply wanting to visualize an interesting seat design and info-graphic turned into a good opportunity to test a few new #UnrealEngine features – primarily (as they relate to this real-time experience) the new volumetric fog and convolution bloom introduced in 4.16.

Ultimately, the look is a bit of a mix between that of the original graphic (https://www.ff.com/en/ff-91/disconnect/) and #FF ‘s existing brand identity – with liberties taken, of course.

The particles were particularly interesting to iterate on. There are a mix of CPU and GPU particles sprites. The particles on the terrain (GPU) are actually emitting from the terrain’s vertices. The distant star-field particles (GPU) are using a local vector field (.FGA) that I generated in Maya to define their orbit and slight randomness. The nearest particles on the ground (CPU) contain dynamic light; they emit small amounts of light into the scene, which can be observed reacting to the seat.
Overall, a worthwhile experiment – however there are still some optimizations left to do for the sake of performance.
Final rundown on the progress:

#Foundry #MODO (modeling, initial render tests/ideation)
#Foundry #NUKE (UI/graphics development, editing)
#Autodesk #Maya (UI/graphics, modeling, UVing, rigging, animating)
#UnrealEngine (UI/graphics development, interaction/logic, texturing/shading/lighting, rendering)





Winston Patrick Brathwaite


Visualization Specialist


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