Syj Hiu XXV “Frogfoot”

This is the final iteration of my first attempt at character design. The idea manifested from a squadron insignia, or rather the thought of what a squadron of Su-25 Frogfoots could use as their insignia. Syj Hiu (a play on the name Sukhoi, the manufacturer of the aircraft) is a furry frog-like creature. In this pose he is clutching a UB-32 rocket pod in its right hand and a series of free-fall bombs in its left hand. This character was modeled, textured, shaded, lit, and rendered using Luxology MODO 501. Any other textures were painted or prepared using Adobe Photoshop CS5 alongside Adobe After Effects CS5 for final compositing.

All aspects of this piece were completed solely by the above listed artist.

Year: 2013


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