BIM XAPF-01 Gruidos

My GIFT Patrol Craft prototype is now the BIM XAPF-01 (Experimental Air-Patrol Fighter) ‘Gruidos’. The still-image was developed using the GIFT Patrol Craft model that I created in Luxology/The Foundry MODO 501 and rendered in Autodesk Maya using mental ray. Various textures were developed and baked using MODO and Photoshop and the final image was composed in Adobe After Effects and Photoshop.

The original Gyroscopic Incongruous-Fulcrum Trans-axle (GIFT) Patrol Craft is a concept model and visualization that I developed based upon concepts originally developed by Electronic Arts for their ‘Command and Conquer’ series of computer games.

The model was created and rendered using Luxology/The Foundry MODO 50 and any textures, graphics, VFX, compositing, and general editing was completed using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, and Premiere Pro.

All aspects of this piece were completed solely by the above listed artist.

Year: 2013


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